Professional grade LED outdoor lighting that's easy to install. Series includes accent lights, path lights, underwater lights, in-ground lights, and accessories.

Outdoor lighting is an important consideration for your home for a number of reasons. First, it gives major curb appeal to the home, making it appear more stylish and attractive when viewed by those who are driving by it. Second, it increases safety by eliminating dark pathways and shadowed areas where intruders could try to hide.

Outdoor lighting allows you to get more use from your outdoor living area, especially on lovely summer nights when an early evening party is just the perfect suggestion. There are many different types of outdoor lighting schemes that you can choose from, including simple, hidden lights that are meant to blend in with the landscaping to more elaborate lighting plans.

Placement & Styles of Outdoor Lighting: Choose the Right Scheme for Your Needs

Your outdoor lighting scheme must fit in with the style of your home or it will make no sense at all. You can’t have delicate twinkling star lights with a post-modern style condo, for instance. An industrial floodlight will look out of place with your Victorian home. No one will feel welcomed by a yard that is brashly lit by a big motion sensor light, and no thief has ever been deterred by soft, mood lighting that barely casts a shadow.

The right outdoor lighting scheme is absolutely crucial to making the most of every light as well as getting exactly what you are paying for.

Some light schemes will be called upon to do double duty, providing both security and appearance. The two types of lights have to flow seamlessly into one another, without sacrificing the features of either.

Do You Need to Have Your Outdoor Lighting Professionally Installed?

Depending on how complicated your outdoor lighting scheme is, you may need to have them installed by a professional. That will insure that the lights are placed in the right locations and that the wires are running correctly as well.

It will also allow the use of timers and automatic on/off switches, which minimizes the amount of work that you have to put into your lighting plans. You are secure in knowing that your lights will be turning on at a certain time each evening and then turning off at the same time.

Professional installation also prevents the use of extension cords or wires that can increase tripping and falling risks as well as ruining some of the effect that you are trying to create.

No matter what kind of outdoor lighting that you want or need, you can find it all at LUMINATI. Not only will you be able to find lights for security and appearance, you will also be able to find the right replacement LED bulbs for new and existing light schemes. LUMINATI helpful staff can assist you in designing the right lights for your yard and can even help you with installation as well.

Whether you are looking for lights for your home or your business, LUMINATI has everything that you need, including all the answers and the help along the way.